Saving Our Women

Rose Parker

Saving Our Family Programs

We endeavor to offer a variety of programs and opportunities to promote healing, stability and to encourage independence and individuality.

 Housing Project I
This facility houses men, when their relationship is volatile and one of the parents need to come out of the home.  He will reside in the transformation home and learn “relaxation” techniques, take structured classes to aid in becoming a better husband and father and manage his emotions.  It will He will may have a single room or share. The common living spaces includes a Kitchen, Dining room, Laundry Room, Computer room or internet accessible,

Housing Project II
This family facility will consists of private bedrooms if possible, and bathrooms for each family with communal common living spaces which includes a Kitchen, Family room, Internet Access or Computer Room, and a Child friendly Areas.

Parental Guidance
​In today’s world guardianship and parents come is a variety of forms i.e. single, married, grandparents, family members or alternatives.  One thing that we do know is that Children are a GIFT from God and our greatest blessings.  Children need consistency and we will provide education and support, family counseling, and encouragement the parents so that they may have the tools to succeed. Allowing them to focus on their personal growth, education and career development.

C.O.P.S. (Children of Prisoners Services)
This program is set up to aid children of incarcerated parents or family members.  We offer mentors, lecturers and more from adult former children of prisoners that have overcome the stigma of having a love one locked up.  This will help let a child know that he is not alone and give them hope. Will also be partnering with local agencies to offer the following:  Counseling, Tutoring, Life Skills and more.

Support Group Conference Line
This is a Weekly Call-In line, where callers may call in at the designated time for the support group.  The CALLERS call designated number: 605 475-4800 pin# 943937#.  Our moderator will give you instructions, which is to identify yourself (not mandatory) then place your phone on MUTE (o facilitate and to keep out static or unnecessary noise) Then we have TOPICS to provide information, education and healing.  You are allowed to comment or share your story.  The setting is similar to an actual group, but on the phone.  If you or someone you know are court ordered for Anger Management, Domestic Violence or Parenting and need any type of verification, they MUST go through a personal intake process (contact us), a letter on our letterhead will be prepared to verify enrollment.  Additional info will be provided for this process during intake. This is a line I recommend for Domestic Issues, Grief, Anger and more.                                                                              :